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How it works

Discover the convenience of our product with an effortless setup process in just four easy steps!

Powerful features to elevate your networking

Customize your profile with themes
Privacy settings to protect your data
Multiple content types for your profile
Multiple modes to open your profile
Custom profile link

Analyze & track your profile visitors

Track your profile visitors
See device usage
Track saved contacts
See your connections

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get early access?

Meast is currently available for closed beta users only. You can join by filling out the form here.

Is the card free?

We are offering free card to first 100 users only.

Do I have to pay any fee for the service?

No, first 100 users will get a free card and lifetime access to the platform. Note that there will be Pro plans in the future which you might have to pay for.

I have registered for early access but haven't got the product

Please relax if you have already applied. We check every application and ship in batches. You will get the card as soon as possible.

Can I invite others?

Sure, you can share the beta registration form link. Currently there are no invite incentives but we will make sure to provide that as soon as possible.

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